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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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robbed a bank and apex, >> hi given everyone. >> like a modern day bonnie and clyde. a cary couple charged for robbing a banker. >> the husband and wife faces a judge. he joins us live outside of the wake county with all the detail details. >> reporter: while most of us were hunkered down by the storm, apex police say this couple was robbing a bank there. this is not the first time 36-year-old aaron wagoner faces a judge on charges of stealing. this is the most serious charge wagoner has faced. other three are misdemeanor stops in durham where wagoner is currently on probation. he was arrested at the wells
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he got $2500 from a teller. wagoner's 22-year-old wife was waiting in a car outside the bank. that's according to apex police who said she drove off when police showed up. she was arrested later. the couple lives less than four miles from the bank. this afternoon none of the neighbors we spoke with said they knew the couple. apex police say wagoner never showed a weapon in the bank. he and his wife are sleeping under the same roof but in different cell. live if downtown raleigh, ed crump, abc 11 eyewitness news. >> thank you. meantime a man is recovering after being attacked inside of a county durham parking garage. a coworker found him yesterday morning unconscious in a pool of
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today the victim -- elania joins us live with more. >> reporter: he is doing better. he parked at this parking garage and was struck. >> i'm angry about this. this was really bad experience. >> reporter: he has a gash on his head, his lip is cut and ear is taped up. he's nursing these injuries after being viciously attacked and robbed inside the courtroom parking garage in durham. all he can remember walking into the stair stairwell and seeing two men. >> coworker was holding a wound on my head. the police and the emergency responders were there and there was a pool of blood around me. >> reporter: a coworker found him lying on the ground and called authorities. >> he is down. he's in a lot of blood. get here really quickly. >> reporter: he was assaulted
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took his wallet. the minor is facing charges. now the city own this garage and police say officers to regular patrol. we're told there hasn't been an incident like this here since 2008. while gillhouse is angry, he calls the attack ironic. >> i hope it's something we can all come together about and prove security downtown and talk about larger issues of crime and violence and poverty in durham. those are the kind of issues that i work on. >> reporter: he's hoping to get back to his advocacy work next week. he's home now recouping. investigators still working this case but not saying they're searching for any other suspects. abc 11 eyewitness news. never expected that first thing in the morning. thank you. now to new details on that
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we're learning more about jason dalton's behavior his family. he sat down for an exclusive interview. revealed what dalton told his family in the days before he was
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and in this happened. abc news, new york. elizabeth, thank you. now to stories from our 3 newsroom. including a meeting tonight to discuss that new publix gross
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we take a closer look what made the grammy award winning teacher so special. we begin right here in our raleigh newsroom with a might oh meeting tonight on a new grocery store. a developer wants to build a publix. residents who live nearby has been fighting against it. today the town council will discuss a chain to the rezoning request. a final decision is still months away. a music teacher in durham just won a grammy for best music educator. >> phillip rigs who's top band and choir in north carolina for 27 years. he's here tonight. >> that is phillip riggs at the grammys in l.a. where he was teaching music at the north carolina school of science and math. he's led middle and high school
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hewses the music -- he uses music to teach them how to be better people. he created a mentorship program for new band teachers and works tirelessly to encourage and inspire his colleagues and students. >> music is the tool that we use to teach students how to be productive citizens. building character and building integrity. >> riggs won out of 4500 people nominated for this music educate educated grammy. riggs tells me, he was sitting right in the middle of john legend, lady gaga. >> big deal. meantime, this was out of a fayetteville newsroom. it is being called the ultimate
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featuring baby face. hitting hit songs like share my life and love never fails. he has some old favorites like whip appeal, cool in you and where did we go wrong. no doubt this duo won't have any trouble selling out. >> that's not a bad thing >> no it's not a bad thing. new survey released on customer satisfaction. >> find out which retailer scored the highest and lowest. wegman's grocery chain fall on the list. north carolina's whackky weather from tornado one day to snow the wex. next. the clean up under way in granville county. he talks with the people in the oxford area. school fight is under investigation in cumberland county.
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are being >> we already told you about wegman's grocery store. now a new survey is out showing why so of of you are excited about that news. wegman is the most largest super market in the u.s. according to a new report from the american customer satisfaction index. the survey polled 9300 customers with questions about recent shopping experiences. customers voted ambercrombie and fitch the most hated. last month, wegman signed a letter of intent to build one of its stores near cary town center. the apple watch failed to be the popular stocking stuffer
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sales. according to new reports, apple shipped about 4.1 million of its smart watches in the last three months of 2015. back in july, ceo tim cook told analyst they were convinced the watch will be one the top gifts for the holiday. it comes in three models. bucks. apple had no comments. long before he was running for the white house president obama was working the counter at his local baskin robbins. the president posted about his first summer job thursday on linkedin. he also announced a new program to help young people experience their first job. opportunity project brings together community leaders, nonprofits and private businesses. humble beginning to the white
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captured the hearts of many. >> he look like he's hungry. >> this little fella being reunited with man who saved his life after he was shot multiple
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>> love it. >> now to stories making headlines across the state including update on the rising number of mumps cases. >> a man reunited with a puppy
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family. >> i hope he gets a lot of love. avery county people there dealing with a mix of snow and sleet. excess of 30 miles an hour. several d.o.t. trucks spent much of the day plowing the roads and dropping salt.
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the district is moved all the food out this morning to a nearby warehouse. talk about from one extreme to the next. the weather has been a big story. chris hohmann, i'm seeing a lot of fixes in -- sixes in your forecast. >> we got some on the way. that's not the case. got new information in from the national weather service, greeted their storm survey from granville. ef2. see. we trying to confirm that. at its peak, the winds were up to 125 miles per hour in this tornado that was on the ground for a brief six minutes. it went five miles and there was 150 ideas wide. per hour. category.
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was you have the ef1. meaning the winds were less than 110 miles an hour. county. good. clouds overhead today. just windy, 50 degrees first alert weather station. clouds coming our way during the day. it was a breezy and windy at times with cooler temperatures and yesterday cold front made its way offshores. also mountains too. winds are gusting up there 31 in the triangle chapel hill too 21 miles an hour. those winds will die down as we head through the evening hours. there. 52 at 5:00, humidity is low 35% with a west wind at 9 miles an hour. have the in -- 50 in lewisberg. temperatures press close to where they should be this time of year.
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we ended up with other six to eight inches in spots. whole another world from year to year. chicago 34, chilly air but seasonably cold. that's the case for us. temperature will be at slightly below average. it's going to be nice and quiet. tomorrow morning, need winner coats -- winter coats. nice and sunny tomorrow. there could be a gust up to 15 or so, maybe 20. no gust 35 or 40. it will be cool tomorrow, upper 40 north, the triangle closing in on 50. 53 degrees in fayetteville. little dip in the jetstream. watch what happens as we get into saturday and especially sunday. that means warming trend on the way. you'll notice big jump in temperatures from saturday to sunday. that warm air last right through the middle of next week until another trough comes our way
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the jetstream that will send our temperatures back down again by the end of next week. very quiet period thankfully. it will be cold tomorrow night, 27. 51 saturday sunny, we jump to 61 sunday and upper 60's monday and tuesday. shower chance comes back wednesday and little bit cooler again by thursday. next several days, especially the weekend, by the time we get to sunday, it's going to be like swing again. >> people really looking forward to this nice weekend. >> you're right. thank you. let's check in with david. >> he's abc news headquarters in new york with a look at the what's coming up on world news tonight. >> deadly outbreak with more than 30 tornadoes. also new details after a jet slam into a runway bouncing into the air. parents horrified tonight. the young man who came to the u.s. overstaying his visa creating a fake i.d. and
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the question now why. lot of news to get to after eyewitness news. thank you. a warning tonight for homeowners. the i-team troubleshooter with important information you need know about tankless water heaters. that's next. let's go outside and take a look at our skies. much more pleasant evening. 51 degrees, it's very windy out
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you should be in >> tonight's i-team troubleshooter report. a warning for homeowners in the wake of our recent wintery weather. >> some people found out the hard way. troubleshooter diane wilson is here to explain. >> reporter: we're talking about tankless water heaters. they're all in new home and popular updates. as neighbors in apex found out, they need extra attention in icy conditions. freezing tempts and ice led the widespread outages in january. after more than 24 hours with no juice, neil harmon's electric tankless heater burst. >> spraying out back here and on that side.
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is installed outside of his home. >> when it freezes, there are connections in here and over there. as soon as they freeze, they crack. >> reporter: they cracked all over his neighborhood. >> one here, two or three up the street. >> reporter: they were all caught off guard until they did some digging. >> according to the manufacture, you look at these, -- if it's cold and the power goes out, then you must flush the unit or have a generator come in and turn it on. that's an expense. >> reporter: neil claims when he closed on home three years ago, he never got the owner's manuel to the tankless hot water heat for. he said he had no idea that he needed to drain the water during a freeze.
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they did send their plumber to the home. they confirmed the units were installed properly. he adds homeowners receives a book let. he said they are sorry it's not their responsibility. they blame it on duke energy they took so long for the electricity to be stored. they have this warning for others. >> carefully check to make sure they're correctly insulated and they know how to dump the water out. >> reporter: good advice, buy a freeze protection kit that will open the valve and dump the water if the power fails. the power company is to blame, duke energy reminds us they are not reliable for problems caused by act of god. they always work to get the
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safely as possible. abc 11 eyewitness news. thank you. if you have a consumer complaint or need troubleshooter to get involved, send an e-mail to troubleshooter eyewitness news continues. >> reporter: they are picking up the pieces after yesterday's severe weather. >> the national weather service expecting that damage in granville county and they determined the strength of that tornado. deadly crash in northern
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>> tonight the cleanup is under way across north carolina after a rare february tornado outbreak. chopper 11 hd with a view of the damage left behind in granville county. the national weather service just determining that was an ef2 tornado. hi everyone i'm steve daniels. >> that twister damaged at least a dozen home. >> heather waliga is on the
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she's back live with the latest. >> reporter: crews right now are they can. there's not a lot that can be me. we have seen a constant flow of neighbors stopping by to help. it seems like the entire community is pitching in as they searching for anything of value. as the sun came up on thursday, residents got a closer look at the damage. friends and family help sort through the jennifer turn -- overturned equipment where two silos were destroyed. >> sad. it meant a lot to our family. it could have been worse. >> reporter: at least a dozen homes in granville county were ripped apart in the tornado. precious belongings scattered among the debris. >> feel like i'm standing in the middle of the trash dump. >> reporter: pam west counts her hearing impair husband as lucky.


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